About 80's Pop Music Escape


80's Pop Music Escape was created on April 18, 2013 by independent science fiction author Michael Casher as a place for him to watch and/or listen to some of the best songs from the 1980s (in his opinion). Some of these songs are actual videos and some are just still photos with the song as a soundtrack. These videos used to be  "Shared" from YouTube because they played without ads and then returned to the beginning for replay. But that's all history now.


That all changed in May 2013 when Google screwed the Webnode video widget and it gave birth to ads. Ads that have nothing to do with the "Shared" videos. Sometimes they're even gross and disgusting ads. It's obvious that Google doesn't care about anyone or anything, just making money and lots of it, from advertising. Very well. So, Michael Casher painstakingly replaced the "Shared" videos here and on all of his Webnode satellites with I-Frame embedded videos using the option to not "show suggested videos at the end". We'll see how long Google honors that option. Currently, there are 56 videos representing 36 musical artists from the 1980's decade.


Michael Casher selected this small sampling of 1980's songs for personal reasons. Some are his favorite songs from the 1980's and some are just representative of the highly-innovative 1980's pop scene.  Another reason is that they're also available at YouTube for embedding. Some of Michael's favorite songs are no longer available at YouTube so they do not appear here. These videos were selected mainly for audio quality, not video quality. Some of these songs/videos/artists are favorites of Michael Casher and some are simply representative of the 1980's Pop Music phenomenon, according to Michael Casher.  We hope you enjoy them.


Michael Casher may or may not feel as strongly about the musical artists as he does about their music and he offers no support or disfavor for any persons or lifestyle by making these selections. He periodically watches and listens to these songs to "escape" from the everyday world. The selected videos may or may not change as Michael Casher's need to escape from reality changes. That's the best information we can provide at this time.


80's Pop Music Escape is an "entertainment satellite" of Science Fiction for Thinkers.com, the official website of science fiction author Michael Casher. These may or may not be your favorite 1980's songs. The "crass commercial messages" (thank you, G. Gordon Liddy) are a necessary evil — and some are downright offensive — because this music is provided for "free". Can't complain too much about that. Our Guestbook is experimental. Thank you for visiting.